Natalie coached me through a v difficult time in my first year of being a mum. I had returned to work and was juggling being a mum, a wife and a colleague. I felt like I was failing at all of them and was overwhelmed and out of control. I couldn't talk to anyone as I felt they would think I was silly. I spoke to Natalie and she put some perspective on the situation. I went from hiding in the work toilets crying, to being a happier person. I cannot recommend Natalie enough. Her empathy, compassion and wisdom helped immeasurably.


"Over the last three years, I have found Natalie's advice and support to be tremendously helpful. She is insightful, compassionate, practical and wise. I would recommend her services very strongly."


Natalie is a caring and understanding person who combines her knowledge and personal experience to help others. She has really helped guide me through some difficult situations and encouraged a positive, practical and mindful approach. I feel she is someone who can mentor anyone of any age or circumstance.