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Get out of your head

Updated: May 10, 2019

Here's the thing; we do what makes sense to us at any given moment.

We might read a handful of blogs, watch a video or three or engross ourselves in books and theory with the intention of bringing clarity, but it's only ever a pale imitation of direct experience.

So, what does that actually mean?.

There is a subtle yet significant distinction between grasping something intellectually and seeing it clearly via insight. The former is captured within the mechanics of the personal mind, therefore is conceptual. The latter, in my experience, only occurs when we let go of thinking and a space naturally opens up to allow fresh thought in. It comes to us, but not from us.

For me, it's the aliveness we feel when we recognise the infinite potential of the heartspace and our capacity to dip into universal intelligence. And if you read that paragraph and think "Natalie have you taken a wrong turn to mumbo jumbo-ville because that's not really how reality looks to me?" then please, just bear with me.

We are so consumed in buying into our repetitive cognitive loops and defending what looks like truth in our thinking, that we sometimes overlook the childlike curiosity that used to serve us so well when we were little. Kids are great at it and they also move through the thinking they are feeling with a degree of ease. It's only as 'grown ups' that we dwell, agonise and ruminate.

Look at nature too. While walking the dog the other day I noticed that the tulips were reaching up towards the light, because they trusted in their potential without question. I'm making some assumptions here, but I'm pretty certain they weren't leaning over to each other whispering "I'm not sure I can do this 'blooming' stuff - do you reckon my petals are a bit below par today?"

They don't get all caught up in being self conscious and layer on narratives, they just roll with the experience. Same with ducks when they are migrating. I can't imagine the designated leader turns to his 'wing man' and utters 'You know what, Brian, I think we'll go for an L instead of a V formation today, because I reckon it might look a bit clunky."

In nature, just like in life, plants and animals do what makes sense to them and they draw on their innate wisdom, which serves them exactly as it is designed to, from moment to moment.

It's no surprise that humans are designed in a similar way. Except we complicate things by arguing with reality, surmising and imposing our opinions. We are so busy with our internal commentary that we fail to see the distinction between the stuff that is happening (reality) and the way in which we create all sorts of meaning, bias and subjective conclusions from it.

When we get out of our heads and simply trust in the design, it all works swimmingly. And you don't need to take my word for it. There is no need to write a post-it for your fridge as a reminder when an insight comes to you, or repeat it 5 times each morning over coffee, because when go to direct experience and live it first hand, it makes perfect sense.

Please do get in touch if you would like to chat about this further.

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