• natalienuttall

What if?

What if feelings don't belong to you?

Neither loaned nor owned - but simply passing guests in the vastness of existence.

What if thoughts were simply transient mental energy?

Invisible to the naked eye, yet shaping reality with alarming subtlety, without claiming credit or blame.

What if there was no preferred state?

No relentless striving for happiness, nor escapism from pain and sadness.

Just an allowfulness for all that shows up.

What if the search led back to the source?

Years of seeking, only to realise that home was less than a heartbeat away.

What if all the ideas you'd meticulously held on to in order to construct a clear sense of 'you',

Were simply passing thoughts, as fleeting and ephemeral as the whispering breeze?

What if all the questions went unanswered, in the absence of a definitive truth?

Yet you somehow were comfortable with the uncertainty.

What if all along you've been asking the wrong question?

And the 'you' of 'who am I?' is just a reverberating echo within infinite consciousness.

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