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What is innate wellbeing coaching?

I share a lot of reflections, poetry and observations on my social pages but rarely do I venture into the practicalities of why someone might explore 1-1 coaching.

Perhaps a precursor to this might be a capsule history of my own journey to coaching. While it's simply a narrative it may help to join the dots.

The path to coaching

When I look back, it is clear that my curiosity was heavily engaged in childhood and teenage years. At 17 I typed up a collection of rather pretentious poetry on my word processor (!) entitled 'Cultivating Perception'. It makes sense in retrospect. In 2010 I was plunged into postnatal depression. An implosion of identity afforded Cohen's 'Crack in everything' that allowed the light to get in. From traditional therapy I was left with an urge to explore eastern philosophies and my existential curiosity was awakened.

There was the co-creation of a beautiful perinatal mental health charity and a movement from the heartspace which led me to seek far and wide for something to satiate this appetite for answers to bigger questions. The uncovering of an illuminating understanding into essence and true nature prompted years of (un)learning in the coaching paradigm, An unravelling of the story self began and a huge pull not only to share it directly but also to write from a deeper place.

What is the heartspace?

The irony here is that words are redundant in the heartspace.

Innate wellbeing coaching is, on the surface, an organic conversation which points to the transient nature of identity (little me) and invites us to compassionately consider the impact of conditioning. The attachment to (often invisible) beliefs shape our entire experience of reality. In the heartspace we rest in the space before thought and glimpse the vastness of being. That sounds like quite an invitation right? Well there's no beating around the bush - when there is resonance and resistance drops away it is categorically beyond words.

Demystifying the woo woo stuff

There can be an awkwardness around perceptions of conversations that explore spirituality. Or it can look like we're trying to be cool. Yet the top and bottom of it is that after PND I felt an irrefutable pull to live below the surface of life. An experience of suffering can accelerate the intolerance of triviality.

Once you've glimpsed a more profound place to live from, it's a no brainer. Literally. We see that life is far vaster than the confines of the intellect. There is no adjective that can articulate the potency of transitioning from 'just existing' to knowing what it is to be truly alive.

Finding a coach

Be moved by intuition. It can look like a practical task, but it's about resonance and connection. Engage in conversations with coaches, read their content. Does it move you? While costs are a factor, it's also about trust. The invitation is to be steadfastly guided, held in a loving space, while confronting discomfort and realising that the act of avoiding or escaping has perpetuated beliefs that no longer serve you. This combination of rigour and compassion is transformational (and I don't use the term lightly). I have witnessed seismic shifts in my own perceptions as well as many others.

A place beyond fear

The coaching experience is not about constantly chasing a preferred state. Nor is it about 'getting anywhere'. Abandon the map and call off the search. We look beyond societal constructs, conditioning, media messaging and the heavy weight of 'shoulds' that shackle us. Below the incessant chatter of thought loops is a beautiful space of exploration. And this discovery is likely to throw up fear and there will be resistance.

However, the longer we marinate in the knowing of who we are beyond all stories, the greater peace we uncover.

It's a beautiful homecoming.

If this has stirred something (even if it's inexplicable right now) then please feel free to get in touch about 1-1 innate wellbeing coaching.

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