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Most of us identify wholly with our inner narrator. Even when we recognise it's not who we are, we then embark on a mission to try and manage or control it.

There's no freedom in this. Because then we have to be vigilant, on guard and who knows what thought is going to pop up next? It's exhausting business.

I'm here, as an innate wellbeing coach, to point you to the design. To notice that you are endless loving awareness. Never broken, always immaculate and whole. What a beautiful realisation.

"We see the world, not as it is, but as we are."

Stephen R. Covey

Wheat Field

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Are you stuck in unhelpful loops or you're tired of old scripts playing out? Perhaps peace and freedom seem fleeting and elusive?

Join me for 1-1 coaching sessions and embark on an adventure of inner exploration. Relax into the unknown - it will be illuminating.

"She delicately holds space with such empathy & love. I am eternally grateful to have met her..but then I was always going to meet her." Coaching Client