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Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Where we focus our attentional energy has a huge impact on our experience of life.

I used to give my thinking great significance. Indeed I thought that little commentator in my head was a fundamental part of me. In truth it's just mental energy.. a series of often repetitive thought loops passing through. It doesn't even 'belong' to me - but who am I anyway? (I digress).

Our culture appears to encourage us to engage with thinking as if it were a solid truth. We spend a lifetime (and a fortune) trying to manipulate and control thinking, believing that if we compartmentalise, redefine or reframe it, life will somehow be 'in order', like a tidy shelf.

But what if our attention had (innocently) been fixed in the wrong place? Like an adept magician, diverting our attention at the crucial moment, we've been looking at the thinking and not even noticing the space in which it comes and goes.

Metaphors help with this stuff. So if we take the weather, it's like focusing on passing clouds and analysing them as if they somehow reflect on the status of the sky. They are just clouds. The sky is still the sky.

See what happens when you shift your attention to the wider expanse. The limitless space that has the capacity to allow all weather types to pass through and still remain untouched.

Happy skygazing.

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